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Transtek was founded in the coastal city of Ningbo, China in 1999 and has since developed a history of over 20 years. Guided by our unique "technology-driven" business philosophy, we continuously strengthen product innovation and improve customer satisfaction, making Transtek a group company that not only provides high-quality products, but also excellent services to our customers. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, competitive pricing, fast delivery, and optimized procurement solutions. Through our one-stop supply chain management, product procurement, research and development, concept and design, quality assurance, cost optimization, and transportation integration systems, we strive to become the perfect supplier for each and every customer from start to finish.

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Our Team

Through our one-stop system: supply-chain management, product sourcing, research & development, concept & design, quality assurance, cost optimization, shipment consolidation, we strive to be the perfect suppler to every customer.

Graduated from the School of Management of Wuhan University with a major in foreign accounting and an MBA from the University of Canberra in Australia. As well as being the owner & founder of Transtek, Johnny is an experienced, inspirational business leader with more than 25 years experience managing manufacturing & brand businesses. He is strategic, business development, marketing and management focused. In 2008, he founded the Apramo, which is focused on product design, R&D & marketing across a portfolio of innovative & award winning travel & safety products for babies and children.



Nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience, including more than 10 years of experience in the maternal and infant industry, familiar with SCM, JIT ( Lean production), SPC, ERP (SAP) and ISO system.

Nigel has a good reputation in baby product industry, focuses on design & development investment & infrastructure and brand positioning / strategic direction.

Ron joined Transtek in 2013 and is currently the CFO of Transtek. He graduated from Ningbo University majoring in financial management and has over 15 years of experience in finance.


Technical Director


Brand Director


Financial Director ​

Allen has 8 years of brand marketing experience, has strategic project management experience, overall case planning ability and brand image building ability.

Cynthia joined Transtek in 2021 and currently serves HR Director. Graduated from Ningbo University, has experience in personnel administration and management of several listed companies.

Sarah joined Transtek in 2021 as the assistant of GM and holds Master of Logistics Engineering. Help the general manager to develop the company's strategic planning, optimize the management system, promote the company's sales business and etc.


Marketing Director


HR Director


General Manager's Secretary

Our Service

We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service

Our Technology

Advance technology provides new business opportunities


We aim to promote employees' well-being, job satisfaction, and productivity

One-stop system

Covers development, production, distribution, and customer service