Mechanical Structural Engineer


  • Responsible for the structural design of child safety seats, strollers, and other baby products.

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design
  • More than 3 years of experience/project experience in structural design of home appliances and durable goods, preferably with experience in structural design of baby products such as child safety seats and strollers
  • Proficient in using proE/creo to understand the properties of plastic, hardware and other related materials in general factories
  • English level 4 and above, with certain reading and writing skills
  • Serious and rigorous work, active and enthusiastic, strong hands-on ability, and good communication and coordination skills.

Regional Sales Manager

Job Responsibilities:

  • Development and maintenance of channel dealers and agents through customer visits, telephone communication, etc.
  • Responsible for regional development and evaluation, organize store information, sales of similar products, competitive product information and other market data
  • Responsible for regional physical store visits, shopping guide training, after-sales problem solving, etc.
  • Responsible for customer’s daily sales maintenance and order processing
  • Responsible for customer’s daily after-sales and customer complaint handling.

Job requirements:

  • College degree or above, marketing major is preferred
  • More than 1 year of sales work experience, experience in maternal and child, durable consumer goods industry is preferred, and outstanding graduates are acceptable
  • Have good communication and coordination ability and market sensitivity, be good at grasping customer needs according to market changes, and have strong customer relationship processing ability.